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We mean it! We REALLY REALLY appreciate all donations made to us.

Thank you, to all of you great people out there that keep supporting our hill in so MANY ways!

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Donations are what keep our club going strong.

Any amount is appreciated and will be put towards additional features we would love to provide for fun and entertainment. Thank you!


Special recognition

Thank you, to Conrad Johnson and his wife Lenora, for being a supportive and patient Landlord. And for providing the Gwynne Valley Ski Area with the land on which we have built our fantastic little ski area!

Because of you, we can operate beyond the limitations of the lease.

Our TOP sponsors

Our new deck is a great success. The extra space is certainly appreciated! Thank you Encompass for donating to the cause!

Thank you Harold from ACE Manufacturing for his latest generous donation to the hill to making a replacement work sled possible!

There are many supporters that have been with us for many years! 

Thank you for your incredible support!

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