Without Ski Patrol, there is no open season!

We are so thankful for many great members that volunteer their time to ensure your safety and are there in case you need them! 

Ski Patrol

We are always looking for enthusiastic and dedicated people to join our group of patrollers.

The tasks of Ski patroller are demanding, but offer a lot of bonuses at the hill and beyond.

If you think this is something for you, please contact

Melissa @ (780) 352-1397

Join our team!

These volunteers take first aid courses during the year, lessons on back boarding and practice skiing the toboggan across the hill. 

We have a dedicated ski patrol building for everything related to ski patrol and medical assistance.

It is our responsibility to ensure a quick reaction time and provide precise, controlled and professional execution of tasks demanded from our Patrollers.

We therefor conduct "training incidents" once a week and keep everybody on their toes. 

First Aid training is scheduled for November 4th and 5th 2017, Shirley will provide breakfast for both days.

There is going to be a "on-the-hill-training" on December 9th


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