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Gwynne Valley Ski Area has Certified Snowboard Instructors (C.A.S.I) and Ski Instructors (C.S.I.A) that can teach you the basic skills like balance, pivoting, edging, pressure control and coordination.



Private lessons are offered every Saturday and Sunday and since 2017, we offer these lessons Friday nights as well!

Group lessons are also available, Friday nights only!

Please book in advance as the spaces fill up quickly!

For even more information or to book a lesson by phone, call 780-352-3515 (at the hill, weekends and Friday night only!) or stop by at the Chalet to say hello and see us in person.

(please see hours of operation)

Hours of operation

During season:

Friday: 6:30-9:30

Saturday: 11:00-4:30

Sunday: 11:00-4:30

ALWAYS make sure to check back for updates on days we might be closed due to bad weather or otherwise.

Thank you!

If you are willing and able, please join our snow school instructors and help us out with the increasing demand to teach new comers and refresher courses!

We are also looking to fill a position to assist, to supervise and plan snow school lessons and the instructors (administration).

Phone us, Facebook us or meet us

at the hill for more details.

Contact us 

Hill (780) 352-3515 (reg hours) 

Join us!

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