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Cardboard Toboggan

THE CHALLENGE: Design and construct a toboggan and race the craft on a snow slope.
THE PURPOSE: Great Family Fun!

SUPPLIES NEEDED: Duct tape or Duck tape, Clean brown cardboard (no plastic, wax or decals on the surface facing the snow) Paint and decorate your toboggan (Your toboggan must be constructed prior to race day).Each participant must have a waiver signed and helmets are mandatory. ELIGIBILITY: Ages 1 -99 years

SCHEDULE: Registration is 12:30 -1:30pm Judging for design: 1:30-2:30pm Race begins after judging is complete

RULES AND REGULATIONS: 1. Each toboggan must have at least 1 rider and family category min of 3. 2. Team members must wear helmets. 3. No plastic, wood, wax or metal. 4. Must register prior to racing. 5. Must wear lift pass to race (Walk-on pass is given at at no cost at time of registration).

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